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Since 1999, the breeding program at Hopewell Farms has paralleled that of Basin Angus in Montana. The only difference in the cattle is the scenery! A good breeding program must always advance. We continue to consult with Doug Stevenson of Basin Angus to push our genetic package forward. These bloodlines are proven to work in Missouri fescue pastures, and will work for you.

Hopewell Endeavor G179

Registration Number: 19486506
Sire: Basin Endeavor 7456
Dam: Hopewell Pamela B073
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Hopewell Gold Rush G189

Registration Number: 19486474
Sire: EZAR Gold Rush 6001
Dam: HF Eileenmere Lass D095
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Hopewell Advance G195

Registration Number: 19430267
Sire: Hopewell Advance D114
Dam: Hopewell Joyce E046
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Basin Bonus G263

Registration Number: 19430300
Sire: Hopewell Bonus D023
Dam: Basin Chloe D128
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Basin Payweight G304

Registration Number: 19430323
Sire: Basin Payweight C053
Dam: Hopewell Uptown Girl A042
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